A brief overview of the Geological and Historical company: Inzerillo

Territory of the Municipality of Castelvetrano.

 The company Inzerillo owns an agricultural land in Contrada Seggio in Castelvetrano in the province of Trapani,  located in the west of Sicily. The land varies from a flat to a slightly sloping landscape and has an excellent south facing sun exposure, at approximately 5km from Selinunte.  Selinunte,  a thriving colony of Magna Grecia is particularly suitable for the olive cultivation just as the ancient Greek did during the sixth century BC.

The land belongs to the family since three generations who cultivates its olive trees  without using fungicidal products. Thanks to its sun exposure  and the presence of the water coming from a land improvement co-operative as well as from a natural water well, the company is able to produce olives from Cultivar Nocellara Del Belice, which are particularly suitable as table olives or  to be used for the production of olive oil.

Thanks to its natural sunny environment the land is also particularly favourable for the cultivation of  a  vine variety which is typical of the area. With these vines exquisite red and white wines are produced having an  ancient full-bodied flavour but offering at the same time a wonderful  freshness  like the seawind that caressed the vines.